Monday, 9 March 2009

Week 4 Musings . . .

Week 4 – Target = +£400 + Tourney
Play Money (4 Tables), Starting Balance £2,539
Sunday +£92 ~£30/hr (15 mins of 6 tables)
Monday +£10 ~£5/hr (6 Tables)
Tuesday No Play
Wednesday No Play
Thursday No Play
Friday No Play
Saturday No Play

Profit = £102

Balance +£2,641 (+04.01%),(+164.1%)

Not a great deal of play this week, didn't really feel like playing much so I missed my target. Brief hit & miss plays on my WSOP 2008 on the DS, but no PS3 High Stakes. I think the longer sessions late week 3 and at the start of this week have taken a bit of a toll, combined with not much in the way of winnings to show for the time. I did however switch up to 6 tables, which is a step forward.

PokerStars kindly emailed me with a $5 freebie, which i quickly reduced to about $3.40 on the no-fold $0.02/$0.04 micro-stakes before starting to claw it back. That told me I need to study more and stop playing some of the lesser hands I've been holding on to. I've spent time reading & re-reading this week.

Conquering poker is a challenge, nothing more. I earn a good wage, but like everyone else - the thought of lots of cash for little effort is appealing, and it's far more engaging than the TV of course. I have questioned why I'm even bothering with it so leaving it alone for a while is perhaps a good thing. It will call me back itself. I notice Goatian is now in a stage of forcing his play, this is a bad state and not one I want to reach. It'll be interesting to see if he can claw it back.

Anyway, another night off the tables tonight - I'm off to see The Killers in Manc. Not my favourite band, but they seem to epitomise the work "grind" at the moment, they seem to be constantly recording / touring etc etc etc. Good luck to 'em!

I'll set a low target this week of £250 on the play tables & getting my real roll back up to $4.