Wednesday, 25 February 2009

In the beginning . . .

Hello All.

Firstly, This blog is a result of my discovery of The Goatian and his blog. Hi Christian. There's a loose connection, but not one worth mentioning.

This is a blog about my Poker exploits, from the very beginning because that's where I am - at the beginning. Well, 3-4 weeks in from never playing poker to starting to play Governor of Poker, through to PokerStars Play Money & PS3's High Stakes oh and WSOP 2008 on my DS.

I haven't yet played for money, but I will at some point.

Hi to all of you Poker whizz-kids. A big thank you got posting, not only to Goatian & Clarkatroid but the rest of you as well. I've learned quite a few things from these blogs. Thank you.

At the moment, my time split is approx. 1 hour play to 2 hours study.

State of play so far on PokerStars:

Week 2 – Target = +£200
Play Money (Two Tables), Starting Balance £1,396
Sunday +£140 - £112/hr
Monday +£400 - £370/hr (£281 Tourney Win)
Tuesday -£118 - -£40/hr
Wednesday No Play
Thursday No Play
Friday No Play
Saturday +£187 - £187/hr

Balance +£2,005 (+43.6%),(+100.5%)

Week 1 – Target = +£100
Play Money, Starting Balance £1,000
Sunday -£87
Monday +£112 (corrected) – Single Table, £112/hr
Tuesday +£83 – Two Tables, £37/hr
Wednesday No Play
Thursday No Play
Friday +£288 – Two Tables, £82/hr
Saturday No Play

Balance +£1,396 (+39.6%)